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Nokia 105 RM-1134 Mic Ways Solution 100% Working |

Nokia 105 Mic Problem Repair Solution Microphone Ways

Problems On Nokia 105 RM-1134 Mic Not Working, Usually occurs due to mechanical shock and water damage, to dameg is very rare if this mic is not caused by two thing, water damage or due to collision to repair nokia 105 mic not working try the following tips. to do repair nokia 10 mic not working try your first check befor hand mic in good condition or not, if the mic is damage, you must replace the mic with a good mic, if after re[lace the mic does not work, check the mic lines as shoen below if there is a path breaking try to make jumper.

nokia 105 mic jumper pic

Here;re some hints on fixing the mic problem

  1. visually check all the highlighted components holds for the mic, clen using a liquid clener kit if an oxidation bulid up found.
  2. check mic+and mic connection line track or path for possible open.
  3. check replace the coile capactiores and resistors connected in the mic circuit.
  4. replace the mirophone module.
If threr is a way out os this is lost you can apply a jumper as shown in the damage fix.

nokia 105 mic, mirophone, solution ,jumper ways.

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